Health Care 12/19 4:00 AM As Vermont Goes . . . A warning for Obamacare.
Political Culture 12/19 12:00 AM First Lady Goes Shopping And reports on the indignity of it all.
Religion 12/19 4:00 AM The Catholic Weakness Failure to believe in basic Church doctrine.
POTUS 12/19 12:00 AM America’s Dynastic Turn Has royalism come to the U.S.?
Cuba 12/19 12:00 AM Obama’s Cold War Replay This time, America loses.
Cuban Olive Branch Obama’s historic giveaway to Castro.
Life 12/19 4:00 AM Accommodate Working Mothers It’s pro-family to help pregnant workers.
Security 12/19 4:00 AM Protect Our Guardians
 Policemen and CIA agents are under siege.
Sony Hack 12/17 4:47 PM Bowing Down to the Norks The American film industry lets itself be taken hostage.
Release The Interview Sony should go online with it if theaters won’t show it.
Hollywood’s Surrender What happens when you negotiate with terrorists.
Defense 12/18 4:00 AM The Next Pentagon Boondoggle? Behind the railgun hype.
Higher Ed 12/18 4:02 PM Banned from Campus No more SodaStreams at Harvard over fears they’re a “microaggression” against Muslims.
Culture Watch 12/18 12:06 PM Don’t Teach Rape Law? The new rallying cry of women’s rights groups.
Higher Ed 12/17 12:05 PM ‘It’s Okay To Hate Republicans’ So says a University of Michigan professor.
Cuba 12/18 4:00 AM Obama Acts on Cuba A bad day overall.
A Gift to Castro Obama’s deal is a triumph of ideology over U.S. interests.
The Maximum Wage Cuba is what happens when you have one.
The CIA Report 12/18 12:00 AM ‘Torture’ Hypocrisy Why aren’t Dems up in arms over drones?
Technology 12/18 4:00 AM Good-bye, Net Neutrality Thanks to Google Fiber, the idea is already obsolete.
Congress 12/18 4:00 AM We’ll Miss You, Tom Coburn The Okla. senator was a voice for sanity.
Immigration 12/18 4:00 AM Lawless Judge and President The judge, too, flouts the Constitution.
Immigration Hillary and the Bribe Sure looks like a quid pro quo.
Economics 12/18 4:00 AM The World Economy Staggers The outlook today.
Religion 12/18 4:00 AM Holy Philadelphia The pope’s plans to visit Rocky’s town.
Health Care 12/17 12:00 AM Person of the Year Time should’ve picked Gruber.
NR Christmas Webathon 12/18 4:00 AM Our Business Model Is You We depend on your generosity.
2016 12/19 4:00 AM Romney Dug Up the Dirt Will anyone use that oppo research now?
Sony Hack 12/19 12:00 AM The Interview Needs a Superhero Where are the defenders of freedom?
The Obama Administration 12/18 3:38 PM Obama Unbound How he learned to stop worrying and love unilateralism.
War on Terror 12/18 8:00 PM How to Fight the Lone Wolf We must defeat the groups that inspire them.
Immigration 12/18 5:00 PM Courts Frowning on Amnesty The next big legal battle will be in Texas.
2016 12/19 12:00 AM Run, Liz, Run! Hillary is beatable.
Congress 12/19 4:00 AM Counter-Terror Congressmen Three GOP freshmen are special-ops vets.
Sony Hack 12/18 7:30 PM Krauthammer’s Take Sony made bad choice to pull The Interview.
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