NR’s Sunday TV Roundup

by Elliot Kaufman

Watch National Review’s Rich Lowry, David French, Reihan Salam, and Ramesh Ponnuru discuss the big political stories of the week on the Sunday morning shows.

Here’s Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, on Fox News Sunday.

Rich argues that John Kelly, the president’s new chief of staff, may really help the Trump administration:

I think he can make a pretty serious difference. The problem with Reince Priebus is that he never really had the authority to do the job properly, and he’s a very nice guy and didn’t have the personal bearing to make people pay attention to him—and that’s not a problem with John Kelly on either score.

Watch David French, senior writer at National Review, on Meet the Press.

David discusses the American divide:

Let’s just keep this very real. We focus an awful lot on politicians and what are politicians doing, but there’s [also] the people. I live in the middle of Trump country, my precinct went for Trump about 72 percent. And what I can tell you is that there is market for what Trump is selling, and we cannot ignore that, we can’t just focus completely on Washington. What we are overrun with right now is negative polarization. This is what the Pew Foundation has measured, where people are supporting Republicans not because they love what Republicans stand for but because there is so much hostility to Democrats.

Check out Reihan Salam, National Review’s executive editor, on Face the Nation.

Like Rich, Reihan thinks John Kelly can help the White House as chief of staff. He asks:

What distinguishes John Kelly? John Kelly is someone who has taken the most contentious aspect of the Trump domestic agenda, or one of the most contentious certainly, immigration, and he actually was able to talk about it in a fairly plausible way, in which he emphasized: ‘Look, I’m talking to the front-line folks, I’m talking to the officials in the Department of Homeland Security and border enforcement.’ This is still contentious, it hasn’t stopped being that, but he managed to be clear and consistent. If this is what John Kelly manages to get through to the President, and I think it’s possible that he will, that will be a very big and marked change.

Finally, watch Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor of National Review, on This Week.

Ramesh explains the issue with President Trump’s low approval rating:

There has been no national crisis over the last six months. The president has achieved these sorts of [low] approval numbers without anything external to the administration causing problems for him, and I think that has got to be a cause of serious concern for Republicans. One of the reasons he is not having the sway among congressional Republicans and even among his own administration that you might expect, is that his popularity is so low.

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