Find It in Your Heart to Help

by Jack Fowler

NR’s Fall Webathon heads for the home stretch. We’ve quite (quite!) a ways to go to reach our $200,000 goal. We need you – yes, you – to help. Today, on the home page, Rich Lowry explains why (and if you’re already convinced to give, you can do that here).

The man who gave Rich his job – he’s pictured above, in his famous studio at his in Stamford, CT, the place where he did so much work to expand the reach of conservatism, the place where he also died – was an advocate of expanding the wisdom found in National Review through any and all media. And that is one of the key objectives of our #30DaysHathBucktember webathon: We seek to greatly expand NR’s growing and popular podcast programming. On that, coming soon: an Andy McCarthy / Victor Davis Hanson podcast; just one of many being planned.

We believe all the things we hope to achieve via this webathon will lead to a more stable and, yes, brace yourselves, likely profitable NR. You can help make that happen. Just like some of these generous souls:

Mark drops a C note with a touch of Rodney Dangerfield: “I realize that $100 can’t buy influence (not even with my kids), so may I make a polite suggestion? Charles Cooke is so good it would be nice to see more by him.” Message conveyed.

Another 100 smackers comes from Cory, a.k.a., Mr. Blunt: “I’m a long time online and paper reader. Keep up the good work. I mostly read online, so it would be nice if you could figure out how to get the site to not be so unresponsive. I imagine it’s from all those crummy ads that run on the side.” The new improved rebuilt sooper-de-dooper NRO will be here soon (thanks much to the generosity of our donors).

Hank finds $50 and a nice compliment for his favorite website: “Bravo and thanks for standing tall for principled conservative decency against the deluge of demagogy from both left and right.” Thanks Hank – we are in this together.

And we’ll end with a mention of William’s $50, to which is stapled unsolicited ad copy: “Thirty days hath Bucktember / Each of these we do remember / Of history which we stand athwart / Through Executive, Legislative, and Supreme Court / Burma Shave.” That deserves a picture:

I’ll thank you in advance because I am convinced that you are going to make a generous donation here (and do leave comments, or even Burma Shave jingles). Of course, you can also contribute by PayPal here, or send a check, payable to “National Review,” to 19 West 44th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

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