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Bernie Sanders is shocked that the Democrats’ election was fixed. This would never happen under socialism.

Democrat Ralph Northam shellacked Republican Ed Gillespie in the Virginia gubernatorial race. It’s not unusual that the party that doesn’t control the White House wins the governorship in Virginia, but the scale of Northam’s victory (9 points) and the Democratic wave in state legislative races, which appears to have erased what seemed to be a comfortable Republican majority in the House of Delegates, were remarkable. Gillespie tried to walk a tightrope, keeping President Trump himself at arm’s length while hitting some Trumpian notes on the issues of crime and immigration. It didn’t work, although the outcome suggests that nothing would have worked — a massive anti-Trump backlash in suburban and urban areas was going to swamp Gillespie, or any other Republican candidate, regardless. The message of the election is that Republicans should be very nervous about the 2018 congressional midterms and should work all the harder to have some legislative accomplishments to take to voters next November — or else.

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